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G23 PL-S 2pin UVC lamp H-type 185nm(ozone) 254nm(non-ozone) 5w 7w 9w 11w 13w

●G23/2G7/2G11 base for your selection    
●110V or 220V starter and capacitor inside for G23 base, Only capacitor needed by using electronic ballast    
●High UV output than tubular tube, more compact, easy to install

Gwain UV germicidal lamps with different bases, diameters, and lengths are available, which offer excellent efficiency. We supply two types of UV lamps, emitting UV-C wavelength at 253.7nm, ozone-free; while emitting UV-C wavelength both at 253.7nm and 185nm, ozone-generating.


Ultraviolet technology has been one of the most effective methods of water treatment and air purification. Gwain UV lamp is the ideal solution for water/air disinfection application in a safe way, without using any chemicals.


1, G23/2G7/2G11 base for your selection

2, High quality quartz tube

3, 110V or 220V starter and capacitor inside for G23 base, Only capacitor needed by using electronic ballast

4, High UV output than tubular tube, more compact, easy to install

5, Average lamp life is10,000 hours.

6, Ozone-free lamps and ozone-generating lamps are for choice.

7, Quartz sleeves and ballasts are available.


1.The inner surface of Tube is coated with a protective membrane to help to reduce UV output attenuation lower than 15%.

2. G23 light built in special quick starter.

3. With Creator’s Amalgam technology we can produce super high power output H-type Amalgam lamps which has the best UV output efficiency on present market.

Main Application:                                                                                                                   

² Aquarium disinfection

² Water treatment

² air cleaning and disinfection

² Air conditioning pipe disinfection

² Purifier

Product Advantage:                                                                                                                  

Long life

The average life is 13,000 hours


High ultraviolet output

We adopt the high purity quartz tubes and advanced manufacturing technique to make the Creator’s lamps ultraviolet output 10% higher than others competitors.


Small light decay

The UV light decay is only 10-15% during the life time.


Reliability and stability

Advanced manufacturing technology and supervising quality guaranteed that our lamps are provided with dependability, stability, consistency.


Good cost performance